Muscat, an Impromptu Visit

How do I describe my recent jaunt to Muscat ? Absolutely hectic ! Nothing was planned until the day I left for the airport. Luckily, the outbound flight was delayed, giving me some time for a quick bit of research on the highlights of the capital of the Sultanate of Oman.

With less than 24 hours of day light available for me to hurtle myself around Muscat, I decided to start by hopping on the Big Bus Company city tour. Having a map of the city in my hand, I also walked to places in between the bus stops to experience what is beyond the regular tourist spots. Thanks to the mild winter breeze last December, it was a great day to explore.

In my eyes, the city of Muscat is filled with a mix of modern, and preserved medieval architecture. Blessed with white sandy beaches of the Arabian Sea along the city’s coastline, I was also mesmerised by the view of the rocky Western Al Hajar Mountains in the backdrop. Whilst there are hardly any visible high rise buildings in the city, unlike the rest of the gulf countries, a scattering of white coloured buildings is seen dominating the landscape.

Too bad I didn’t get the chance to taste some of the local, traditional delicacies. Nevertheless, at the last bus stop, I joined the crowds of friendly locals and expats, enjoying a lovely evening sea breeze on the bustling corniche area in Muttrah. We exchanged smiles, said hello and I had a couple of short conversations before departed. However, as the sun set, I lingered for a while, watching the world go by, before waving goodbye to the harbour.

Indeed, the trip was very short, but it has furthered my travel experiences. I hope, one day I’ll be back, perhaps to explore more of this beautiful country.



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Ohai, 2014

I urged myself to write this, perhaps as a self reminder to oneself who easily loses focus to many beautiful distractions. It’s not about achieving big goals, that’s beyond my capability, but simply a dream, that I hope will come true.

The first month of 2014 is almost completing its cycle. How are we doing so far?

Personally, I’ve been eagerly awaiting 2014. It’s going to be a year of uncertainties, of where I am challenging myself to be bold, to take the leap of faith, and make the biggest changes in my life.

Of course, in my head, everything looks perfect. Reality check needed; it’s not going to be easy, for the road is long and winding. Yet, the biggest challenge I have to overcome is my own self . . . . To be, or not to be ?



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Hot Air Balloon rides, anyone ?

Hot Air Balloon rides, Dubai, evening skies,

I was busy doing my laundry when I suddenly saw this hot air balloon passing by my window. I blinked a few times to make sure it was for real, before running like mad around the house to get my camera and trying to capture the beauty of it !

It was late afternoon and the sun was almost set, giving me these beautiful tones of evening sky . . .


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Fun Time

At Granny’s, whenever the cousins, nieces and nephews gather, one must do activity has to be fishing in the river that flows opposite the road from Granny’s house.

It’s fun, especially for the boys, but also a great time for all of us to catch up with each other. We talk about school, college, work, dreams, the latest gossips in town, and life in general, and of course, fishing too !

sungai, pelangi, rainbow
mata kail
ikan puyu, catch of the day
family, life at village, kampung boys
ikan puyu
rumah papan, rumah kampung, sungai besar, village, wooden house

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