When I was in Tromsø, I was so focused on Chasing the Northern Lights that I did not properly explore this charming little town. How I wish I had taken more photos… Due to the fact that it was winter time and the daylight was so short, making the town look rather gloomy, I spent my days over hot chocolate in a small café in the town. I never enjoyed hot chocolate as much as I did in Tromsø !

One thing for sure, I was so lucky to capture the town of Tromsø on blue hour, after a short bus ride, across the Tromsø Bridge, and up to the mountain top by cable car. The panoramic views from the top were fantastic, it took my breath away !

And definitely, I will not forget the Norwegian hospitality, their politeness and friendliness, made my short trip there so memorable.

On our way back, we went to visit the man’s old friend, Tony, in Stavanger. He didn’t tell us he has a dog !

Much Love x

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